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Privacy Policy

Updated 02/13/2019

Your Private Information
Your legal last name (surname), e-mail address, password, IP address, and telephone number are considered 'private information'. Private information will not be seen by other members except as indicated otherwise below. JWed will use your private information to contact you for administrative activities related to your account. You may also be contacted at your e-mail address from [email protected] about service offerings, product offerings, charity appeals, and other relevant services. The J Media Group entirely handles the management of [email protected] on our behalf; however, all private information is owned by Frumster, Inc and the J Media Group has no legal rights to your private information other than to facilitate the technology used to send out e-mail advertisements from [email protected]

Your Profile and Onsite Messaging
Your visible profile does not include any private information. You will choose an anonymous display name when registering. Other members will know you and contact you by this anonymous display name. Including a photo is optional and may be restricted to be shown only to paying subscribers or protected with a password. Communication with other members is through anonymous onsite messaging.

Disclosure of Private Information
Your private information will be disclosed to the proper authorities in the event a warrant is issued in a police or judicial matter. Your private information may be shared with your bank or credit card company only in the event that JWed is contacted regarding a dispute or a suspicious charge. Your private information may be shared with any 3rd party if consent is expressly given by yourself through e-mail communications with an employee of JWed.

Scammers and Fraudsters relinquish their right to privacy. If you create a fake account, are found to be running scams, or commiting any fraud our site, we will warn users you have been in touch with to avoid contact with you and may reveal your real name and email address when doing so.

Your Billing Information
When purchasing a subscription using a credit card, your name and billing address will be required. This information, including your credit card details are stored on a secure server with standard encryption technologies. This information is confidential and will not be released to anyone except in the event of a dispute or other billing matter where billing information may be shared freely between JWed and your bank or credit card company. In such instances, other private information as listed above may need to be made available to resolve any issues. Your billing address will not be used by JWed except for issues that may arise regarding billing.

Removal of Your Private Information
At any time, you may contact us by email at [email protected] to request that all of your data be deleted. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your private information will be removed immediately if no purchases have been made via our system. If a purchase has been made, your profile information may be removed upon reqiest but you must contact us six  months after the last payment to have your billing information removed. This six month waiting period is required in order for us to have proper records in the event credit card disputes arise.

Usage of Cookies in Advertising
Our site uses cookies for many of our services to work including but not limited to persistent login functions, analytics collection with Google and ad retargeting with Google, Facebook, Adroll, and potentially other services. By using our website, you understand and agree to our usage of cookies. If you do not agree, you may use our site in incognito mode. To opt-out of targeted advertising, please clear our cookies from your browser or visit JWed.com in incognito mode. Click here for additional information about privacy in advertising and how you can opt-out.