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Love at first skype

Rabbi (47) from West Hempstead & Penny (42) from Beit SHemesh

Match #: 2129 & 2130

It started on December 15 2011 When I decided that I wanted to marry a woman who wanted to make aliyah. Instead of looking for women who write maybe they might make aliyah if the third Wednesday coincides with twelve Thursdays ,I decided to change my thinking. Why don't I just date women who live in Israel? So I changed my profile and I saw this beautiful woman's picture. I read her profile and she seemed not only beautiful but smart and witty as well.

I decided to write to her. I said "your smile is so beautiful I need sunglasses". That cheesy line almost cost me this shidduch but somehow because I asked her about who she knew in Beit shemesh we continued chatting. Through our online chats we discovered that I knew her family well ,that I had set up our brothers to be room mates at KBY. What a small world! Of course she also now after realizing who my brother was now knew who I was . She said she remembered me from my NCSY and YU Seminar days. We decided to move from writing and Iming to skype. On the second time we spoke on skype I told her that I loved her . It took her a little while longer till she felt the same way and now after 5 world wind visits of us flying back and forth from Israel to NY and NY to ISrael we decided to get engaged.

Thank you JWed for allowing mature Jewish adults to be able to find our own bashert with the help of Hashem without the ridiculous and absurd machinations of shadchanim.

Rabbi Brian Thau and Ms Penny Harow

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