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Chaim and Patricia

Chaim (52) from New York & pat

Match #: 2121 & 2122

My years of loneliness after the death of my first wife came to an end when I met Pat on JWed, only I didn't know it at the time. I was intrigued by Pat's profile; a smart and attractive widow from my home town, courageously starting a new career,and who, by all accounts from mutual friends, is simply a wonderful person always there to help anyone in need. However, I live in New York, and not much of a frequent flyer, so I wasn't sure about taking on long-distance dating, but I contacted Pat anyway, thinking if G-d meant for us to be together, He would arrange it.

He did.

After writing and speaking to each other a few times, we friended each other on Facebook, but as I had dates with others lined up, and Pat wasn't going to be in New York any  time soon, we didn't make any plans to date, and I soon ended up in a long term relationship with someone else (also through JWed).

Several months later, when my relationship came to an end, I was surprised by a message from Pat that she was going to be in town to visit her stepson and his fiance and would I like to go out on a double-date. We went out and immediately hit it off, but I told her she was "geographically challenged". I went home and over the next few days came to realize my mistake. I began to realize that this was who I was meant to be with, and if I lived ten thousand miles away and not just one thousand, I would do whatever it took to be with her. I then properly courted Pat, started racking up frequent flyer miles, and after living in New York for thirty two years, I am moving back to my hometown of St. Louis, and to my "home" Patricia Harris.

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