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Carpe Diem - Et Ratzon

Anonymous (47) from Modiin Israel & Anonymous (48) from Tsfat Israel

Match #: 2059 & 2060

We had never met but for last 25 years we almost crossed paths so many times.

I read the beautiful words R had written on his profile and I felt instantaneously that they were actually my words. His words touched me deeply and we clicked immediately and almost 'knew' just from our email exchange. When we met the following week we both felt that we had met our best friend and didn't want to be apart. We tried to be very rational as this was not something light just to rush into. However, our feelings and sense of 'coming and truly being home' with each other were overpowering.

BH we were engaged 6 weeks later and now BH married 6 months. We feel so blessed. It was my first time on any website and R had had enough and was just about to leave the whole thing. We saw the amazing hashgacha pratis in our 'et ration.' A Divine window of opportunity was given to us and BH we were brought together. I tell everyone about JWed. Hashem just created a wonderful new channel to find one's true bershert.

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