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Finding a Catch

Oriyah (30) from Israel & Aharon

Match #: 2047 & 2048

As I was about to turn 30, my father, nervous of my continued singlehood, offered to pay for a 3 month membership on JWed. A number of weeks in, Aharon contacted me with a very sweet and thorough e-mail. Although we had different hashkafic lables, he wrote, "If we both keep shabbat, kashrut, plan on keeping taharat hamishpacha, and want to raise kids in Eretz Yisrael with a strong Torah education, I would say that's not a bad start." It was many months between his initially contacting me and our actually pursuing the relationship, but Hashem's timing is perfect, and we are very thankful to have found each other now.

Being in shidduchim is not fun - it's a very trying period of life, but if you trust Hashem, and know and feel that He loves you and is taking care of you in the process, it will be less difficult - and He will blow your expectations of what a good and suitable spouse is out of the water. May Hashem's presence and love be felt by each and every person in shidduchim, may their spouses be revealed and obvious in the right time, and may every couple have true simcha and shalom bayit together ad meah v'esrim!

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