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It's all from Hashem; JWed can be the Shaliach

Anonymous & Anonymous

Match #: 2043 & 2044

We want to thank JWed for being the good "shaliach" (messenger) from God to bring us together.

I was using JWed only occasionally (on and off) and I did not have a picture in my profile. My husband was a member on JWed for awhile (not sure how long) and he had a picture in his profile. We emailed a few times through JWed, then we moved to regular email, and then to phone conversations. Finally we met and B"H a few months later we were engaged and married. We really feel it's from Hashem with JWed being the good "Shaliach". Thank you very much, JWed!!! Keep up the good work!

And to all singles: please don't give up on your search; Hashem has many ways to put us together and JWed can be one of them.

Best of Mazel to all singles!

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