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Love Knows No Borders

Yael (26) from South Africa & Harry (28) from Pennsylvania

Match #: 1899 & 1900


With those two simple words a whole new world of adventures opened up for the two of us. What started as a simple back and forth conversation over the JWed/JWed Instant Message service, developed into a lifelong loving relationship. We found that we shared too many common interests with each other. We have similar personalities, a tremendous sense of humor, a strong devotion to family and friends, a love of Torah, and the ability to speak about anything and everything under the sun for hours on end. There has not been a single day (excluding Shabbos and Yom Tovim) since we started talking, that we have not been in contact in some fashion. Even though we were separated by an ocean on two different continents, love absolutely knew no borders. We even marked our calendars for the 16th of each month in celebration of our anniversary. Through both tragic and happy times, we have been through it all, and we always emerged with smiles on our faces and a deeper and stronger appreciation and connection for each other.

Although our lengthy conversations over Skype and the phone were amazing, absolutely nothing compared to when Harry took the long awaited flight to South Africa. Whatever sparks felt previously between the two of us, were magnified the second our eyes met for the first time (without a computer screen between us). In a relatively short amount of time, we quickly became the “it” couple to whomever we came into contact with. Our sixth month anniversary was a special and memorable occasion for both of us. Unfortunately, a two week vacation was definitely not long enough. Over the next three and a half months we missed each other more than ever, because we had finally been together and we knew we were bashert. Even though we talked constantly over the phone, it was DEFINITLY not the same. The time differences and the separation were taking their toll. It also hurt that we had to spend Pesach apart. We both knew that we had to have a normal relationship without an ocean between us.

We were not the only ones feeling the difficulty of the separation. Our families realized that this relationship was not a passing fling. With guidance from our family rabbis, we took the necessary steps to be reunited. Harry started looking for work and preparing a whole new start in South Africa. A week before Shavuot, we were reunited once again. The relationship was just as intense if not more so. Within a month, we were choosing a ring. We got engaged at the very same restaurant we went to on our sixth anniversary. Our friends and family could not have been happier.

We both knew that we wanted to one day write one of these success stories for this website. All the previous success stories on this site were extremely inspirational for both of us. We are now glad to share our story and hope it helps to inspire other Jewish singles in their search for their bashert. We are now planning our wedding for early next year, and are ecstatic that through this site two singles from opposite ends of the world were able to find each other.

As we share our simcha with the rest of the world, we offer both good luck, and these pieces of advice to all those singles out there:

1. Don’t give up hope

2. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone

3. Be prepared to expect the unexpected

4. And remember above all else, LOVE KNOWS NO BORDERS!!!!!!

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