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You Never Know!!

Peshka (24) from Plantation, Florida & Shmuly (33) from Lakewood, New Jersey

Match #: 1823 & 1824

Shmuly checked out my profile and contacted me. I checked out his and thought he's 9 years older than me and didn't really think it would come to anything. I decided I would reply to Shmuly because you never really know who your basheret is.

We spoke by chat messages for about a week before we exchanged pictures.Then we continued speaking by chat and phone for about 2 months before he came to FL to actually meet. By the time he actually came down, I think we both knew how it would end up. He met my family and my father of all people really liked him (my father is extremely tough). We discussed getting engaged but he had to go back to NJ and tell his family about me. He stayed in FL for about 5 days. When he went back, he told his family that not only was he seeing someone and just went to meet me but we want to get engaged. His parents were completely shocked as they were caught off guard. It took his parents a couple of days to come around to not being in a state of shock; however, once that was over his mother threw an obstacle in our way. I have a disability and she had some problems with that even before meeting me and finding out the type of person I really am. We pushed and pushed, put strain and frustration on our relationship until a week later when we worked everything out and she gave the OK for the engagement.

The very next day after she gave the OK...my parents and I were on our way to NY!! I met his parents the afternoon we arrived and at night his father asked that we go to a rabbi and get the final OK. We arrived on Thursday morning and by Friday morning (28 Adar I 5771 - March 4, 2011 - 3:01 am) Shmuly and I were engaged!!!! We were engaged 2 days after our 3 month anniversary of starting communication. Shmuly sent me flowers to my office every Friday just so I'd have something nice for shabbos. We got engaged about 5 weeks before Pesach and were married before Pesach (3 Nissan 5771 - April 7, 2011)!!! He is everything I could have asked for and so much more!!!!

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