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East meets West, Bashert over 3300 miles away!

Yedida (43) from Seattle, WA & Yossi (48) from Brooklyn, NY

Match #: 1387 & 1388

Yossie & Yedida

East meets West, Bashert over 3300 miles away!

Ever since 2004, I had Yossie saved as the #1 choice in “my favorites”, and started several times to send him a message, but I saw in his profile that he was in NY and was not willing to relocate. I never wanted to live in NY, so I never hit the “send” button on the message I kept thinking of sending…

Then, here it was 2009, and I


kept looking at Yossie’s profile, while at the same time making plans to relocate to the Southern East Coast (and I noted in my profile that I planned to relocate to the East Coast)…

Soon after making the relocation note on my profile, I was talking on the phone with my best friend, and telling her, “I think I’m going to give up on this whole shidduch idea, since the only guy I’m really, truly interested in [on JWed] is in NY, and won’t relocate, and I don’t want to go to NY”. As I’m telling her this, the next words out of my mouth are, “You’re not going to believe this! That one guy that I was just talking about just sent me an email!”

Yossie emailed me, telling me he had noticed my note of plans to relocate to the East Coast, and asking me where I planned to go. I responded that I was planning to go to the South-East; and I also honestly explained that while he was the only

one that I was very interested in, sadly, I truly could not see myself living in NY. I wished him bracha v’ hatzlacha in his search…

The next day – all day, while at work – I kept thinking about how he was the only one that I was so very interested in for so long, and should I maybe give this some consideration before just passing it by? When I came home, I sat in front of the computer, debating with myself whether or not to email Yossie and tell him that I might re-consider. While pondering this, he sent me another email, thanking me for my honesty and wishing me well. Right then, I decided that I had to tell him my thoughts. I emailed him back to tell him that I will be coming to NY in about 6 weeks when my daughter gave birth, and perhaps we might meet then, and see if this was something worth pursuing. He immediately responded that he would like that; and asked if, in the meantime, he could speak with me by phone. (He was also surprised to learn that my daughter lived just a few blocks from him!)

From the very first time we spoke on the phone, we found out that we are so much alike that we must be each other’s other half! I have never been a phone person, hating to speak on the phone for more than just a few minutes, yet speaking with Yossie, the time just flew by – we spent hours at a time really getting to know each other. After over a week of daily hours-long conversations, we were sure we wanted to meet, and I told Yossie that I had come to the conclusion that if this was truly all we thought it was, then I would have to be a fool to walk away from it just because I don’t want to live in NY. He was thrilled!

When I was speaking with my daughter about my up-coming trip to her in NY, she kind of guessed that something else was going on as well. When she heard the whole thing, she and her husband were excited, and insisted that, “Mommy, these things cannot be put off! You have to come meet him now!” They strongly disagreed with the plan to wait 6 weeks to come to NY…

So, while my son-in-law was “checking into this guy” to be sure he was as good as I thought he was, I asked Yossie about coming earlier. He was very concerned about what was best for me – missing more work, tickets, etc. – but when told, “Forget about all that – what do you want?”, Yossie’s [laughing] response was, “Can you be here tomorrow?”


…and, after my son-in-law did his checking, my daughter was calling me back to tell me excitedly, “Mommy, he really is a great guy! Hurry up and get here!”

I arrived immediately after Pesach, and spent a week getting to know Yossie in person. We knew without a doubt that we were meant to be together, and that the way it all occurred was truly hasgacha protis… He proposed to me, but others were telling us to give it a bit more time, so Yossie came to Seattle two weeks later, and spent some time getting to know me in my element. While in Seattle, Yossie gave me a gorgeous engagement ring, and we began to make plans for me to relocate to NY. (He even was considering relocating 3300 miles away to Seattle, but ultimately, we decided that I would make the move)…

So, I arrived (to stay) in NY with only 3 weeks to prepare for the wedding! It was a hectic 3 weeks, but it turned out beautifully! The wedding was wonderful even beyond our expectations! (We were happily surprised when a friend of Yossie’s actually got Avraham Fried to sing at our chuppah! Wow! (We ended up on YouTube because of this!



While I still do not favor NY, I truly have the best husband I could ever hope for! After being married for a month and a half, we have both said that we certainly made the right choice in each other! We both feel as though we have found a great treasure in each other – better than winning the lottery!

Just when I was ready to give up, I found my true other half on JWed; and at the very same time, two of my friends also found their matches on JWed – so don’t give up! Bracha v’ hatzlacha to everyone searching – you should find your zivug and be as happy as Yossie and I are!



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