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No continent is too far, no situation is too difficult - Hashem will find His way!

Judith from Germany & Hilton from South Africa

Match #: 1379 & 1380

Hilton signed up with JWed in the summer 2006 and I joined I think in about November of the same year. Having made the decision to follow a frum life and not having had a great choice of frum Jewish people in Germany, I decided to sign up and give the online world a try. Hilton went twice in December on to my profile but without contacting me. I liked his profile and was curious why he wasn't writing. So brave as I was, I wrote him a message and from there on it was like a travel through space with light speed engines. We basically officially started to write to each other during Channukahtime, therefore I like to call our story the Channukah Miracle - as it definitely was one! Our emails become longer from day to day and it was amazing to see how well everything fitted allthough we both grew up on different parts of this world and in different cultures. We switched very quickly to normal emails as the space was getting tight on JWed and two weeks after we met, Hilton found out my work telephone Nr by phoning my old company. I was impressed and a bit shocked (to be honest) to received a phone call on a Friday afternoon from South Africa but it felt so nice and comfortable to speak to each other that we exchanged numbers and went into hours of conversations the following week. Three weeks after we met, I had a Shabbes dinner on a Friday night at my place and spontanous as I am, I invited Hilton to it. Little did I know, he is as spontanous as I so he phoned me the Tuesday before and started his conversation about Quantum Physics. It took me a little to work out he was joking saying he was accepting my invitation by coming to Berlin for 10 days, and arriving at midday that Friday! I cannot tell you how overwhelming, exciting and scary it was but he really did it.


Hilton arrived in Berlin and we had fantastic 10 days together. My biggest concern was whether we would have something to say to each other but we indeed had and more than a little;-) Everything felt so familiar and comfortable. We really had the feeling of knowing each other for a long time before and the days went so quickly over.... By the time Hilton was on his plane back to South Africa - I was online booking my flight TO South Africa and at the end of February I arrived for the first time in my life to Cape Town, South Africa. It was an amazing trip and we again spent a wonderful time with each other. After Hilton had had a chance to meet some of my family and friends in Germany, it was great for me to meet his family and friends too, besides the fact that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


Time again sped by quickly and I went back home and we decided that I would come out again for Pesach. The weeks until my next arrival felt endless but as they finally arrived, we couldn't wait to see each other. The two weeks just flew buy and we also had decisions to make as we really felt so comfortable with each other but we also knew that a long term long distance relationship would probably not work. At the same time, it was also a big step to make the decision to be together for the rest of our lifes. Hilton made it as usual very special up till the last second and 4 hours before I had to leave to the Airport - he proposed to me. I accepted, and flew back with one eye laughing and jumping for joy and one eye crying as we couldn't even celebrate that special moment together.


From there on we had to make decisions about where to get married, where to start off as a married couple etc but with lots of love and patience we fought our way through. I flew again to Cape Town over September / October and we had our engagement party and the civil marriage in Cape Town. The wedding itself was held on the 16th December 2007 in Berlin. We chose Berlin as it was my home town but also because Hilton's grandparents were German Jews who had been forced to flee in 1937 prior to World War II. Who could have thought that one day their grandchildren would have a frum wedding in the city they had once been forced to leave. A few days after the wedding, we left to Cape Town where we are still living. We are enjoying every moment together and will be pG expecting a new family member at the beginning of June.


We appreciate every day the blessing Hashem gave us of bringing our souls together. May our story inspire everyone searching for his or her bashert in life. No continent is too far, no situation is too difficult - Hashem will find His way!

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