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Chaim sounded incredible, just what I was looking for!

Miriam & Chaim

Match #: 1155 & 1156

I joined JWed a number of years ago because my brother met his bride off of JWed and they have to date two adorable kids and are an incredible couple. I therefore wasn't scared of going on the internet. However, most guys I saw on JWed didn't seem right for me. I toyed with the idea of canceling JWed but thought, it doesn't hurt to stay on, you never know where yeshua will come from. Thank G-d I got many offers and dated many guys. Three and a half years of many frustrations and dissapointments passed, and I still had not found my beshert.

One motzei shabbat, I got three different suggestions, but none of which incredibly excited me. The next day I saw someone wrote me from JWed. I checked out the profile half heartedly, figuring he wouldn't fit. As I read on and on, I got more and more excited. Chaim sounded incredible, just what I was looking for. One of the advantages to JWed, is that I could see how he expressed himself, as opposed to hearing about him through a shadchan. Still, I wasn't sure it was proper to respond to him first as I heard from other suggestions earlier. I called my close friend and read her the profile. When I played her the voice introduction (new feature) in which he introduced himself by name, my friend gasped and exclaimed that she knew him! Apparently he was one of her close friend's cousins. Her cousin spoke about him all the time and what in incredible guy he is. Excited, I decided to push him up the list and wrote back asking for references. Alas, to much time had passed and he was no longer available. I dated one of the guys suggested to me. While dating I got an email back from Chaim that he was available- but unfortunatately I was no longer available. When that didnt work out I contacted Chaim and we exchanged references. Everything checked out well. I gave him my phone number and was extremely impressed that he sent me a text message in the morning when would be a convenient time to talk. After we spoke and set up a date, I mentioned to my friend that he sounded really familiar. Then I remembered- he ahd been suggested to me by my Rav a year earlier. We started dating and things went pretty good from the beginning. While dating my Rabbanit and a friend told me they also had tried to set us up over the last year- and each time one of us wasn't available. We are now married 8 months and incredibly married. Every day I thank Hashem for the incredible present he gave us, of finding each other. When people ask us who the shadchan was we laugh and say Hashem- and JWed was the shaliach!

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