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I sent him an e-mail...We spoke that night!

Rachel (26) from Miami Beach, FL & Tuvia (27) from Miami Beach, FL

Match #: 1051 & 1052

Rachel:  I've been on JWed for years… One night I was searching through the profiles checking out pictures of guys and I saw Tuvia's Profile. I'm sure I saw his before but I was like "Wait-a-minute, he is in Miami Beach? No Way!" So I sent him an e-mail asking him if it is true that he is here since I clearly remember that he was from New York. Sure enough, he was 5 minutes away from me! We spoke on AOL that night. After talking online a little more and some e-mails, I said fine let's meet.
So we planned to meet at the Boardwalk.
I got out of the car and was waiting on the Boardwalk. We were talking on the phone to make sure we could figure out if we both were in the same spot. I saw him walking and talking on the phone (cute!) until he reached me.
I had just gotten the iPhone and naturally he wanted to see it (such a guy). So he takes my headphones and starts goofing off with my phone. 5 minutes into the date and playing with the phone, he gets on one knee and sings Eishes Chayil with the ipod on my phone (completely adorable). That was just the beginning.
The date continued, we walked, talked, sat on the beach and 4-5 hours later, we exchanged references and went home.
From then on… my family made fun of us that all our dates were pretty much on the beach. We would pick up food and bring our laptops and watch movies. I loved every minute of it.
I look forward to December 9th and am grateful to JWed for everything!

Tuvia's Version:

I'm starting the marriage on the right foot... whatever she said, is what it is!


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