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My husband seemed obviously perfect, but others seemed to be wearing a different shade of glasses!

Chana (37) & Moshe (37)

Match #: 439 & 440

I can not tell you how thankful I am.
The fact that JWed is the catalyst to my joy, makes me only wish you, the JWed team, and all the members on JWed  to continue to receive the good mazal in which I am firmly ensconced today.
I got divorced in the summer of '03, and one of my friends told me to put my profile on JWed.  Being from a decent sized, and well known family in Lubavitch, and seeing as everyone cared so much, I figured that I would not have a really hard time remarrying, as my family would send out the bloodhounds to find me a good Lubavitch boy from any of the four  corners of the globe! Both of my parents travel for business,  so I knew that between my parents and their 16 siblings and subsequent families,, if there was a Lubavitch  available I was apprised of it.
I got fairly discouraged quickly, as I was picky in my criteria, and I was not getting the lists of names I had imagined I would.  I started dating on JWed, and truth be told, while I did not have any horror stories, I did have many "not for me" dates.
After more than two years of dating,   I started becoming bitter, there was no one out there for me, and I started to vacillate between being a premium and basic member.  I turned to davening, as I knew that was the only way to hold my head above water.
On yud tess kislev, this year, I went to the Ohel, and poured my heart out to the Rebbe.  At the ohel, I had a particularly moving experience, and I just knew that my happiness was imminent.   I could taste it!
That Thursday night, I got an email from JWed about the Chanuka special, and I decided, I would give Hashem another chance!  I would make myself the vessel, for good things to happen,  but only for one more month.
Then, for the first time in a few months, I looked to see who had seen my profile.  When I saw Moshe's profile, my heart actually skipped a beat.  A FFB Lubavitch I didn't know about?? No way!!!  With my personality, and all I had been through in the last few months, I had no patience for games.  I typed exactly what I thought!
My first line to him was,   37, FFB, Lubavitch, No Way! Who are you that I don’t know of you?  Why don’t you tell me your name, and lets see if we can make a go of this.  I was not mincing any words!!
His response to me was, that he was divorced for five years, and had just that day heard of JWed, while browsing the Arutz Sheva website.   He decided to check it out, and felt that it made sense to sign up,, and he subscribed for 3 months.  He was signed on for less than 12 hours, and already had an email! Wow that's pretty cool.
As it turned out, as soon as he told me the names of his children, I recognized one, as the name of his mother, A"H.  You see, his sister is my aunt's sister in law.  My brother is his nephews best friend.  I am friendly with two of his sisters, and one sister in law in Crown Heights , and no one thought of this shidduch.  In fact, one of his brothers married the daughter of the people who had sold my parents their house, so now two of us daughters in law grew up in the same house!!!  We are inter-related on many fronts.  Yet, no one saw fit to set us up.
I don’t have any children, and Moshe has three,  so his sisters didn’t think I would date a guy with teenagers.  Other mutual friends didn’t see it, as they just felt that Moshe is so much quieter than me.  I can even say, that my parents were in California, and I had asked them to find out about a certain guy who had Long Beach roots.  They went to a simcha there, and inquired about that guy.  Straight away it was obvious that although he is a wonderful person,  we were not


  on par.  Moshe was at that simcha, and though my father had spoken to the Rav there, he didn’t think to mention to my parents that there was another guy in the community that was divorced.  I actually did business with a guy here in Long Beach, a long time family friend, who is one of Moshe's closest friends, he didn’t think to set us up.
Today, Moshe will look at me, and smile, and say, FFB Lubavitch  37, No way!! To which my standard response is,,  FFB Lubavitch 37, Boruch Hashem!!
 To me, my husband seemed obviously perfect, but the rest of the world seemed to be wearing a different shade of glasses.  If it was not for JWed, I would not have found Moshe!!   He was in my back-pocket, the whole time, and I had no idea.  In hindsight I guess it wasn't the right time.  However, I must say that I cant thank you, JWed enough.
It says Megalgelin zchus al yedai zakkai, and I sure am glad that you guys were the channel for us.  I have since used the mouth Hashem gave me to strongly urge people to join JWed, and not just any other site, for so many reasons.  I want to say thank you again, to you JWed, and to Hashem.  May all of you reading this be zoche to brochos of finding your zivug in the right time, and may the right time be now!!

Chana and Moshe were married Shushan Purim, 15th of Adar 5766, 15th March 2006

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