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I didn't think I would meet my future wife through the site...

Devorah (23) from Monsey, NY & Tomer (29) from Los Angeles, CA

Match #: 429 & 430

I had started my journey in the search for my soulmate in 2004.
The reason I write "search" is because it really is. One must look for his/her's other half because if there is one thing in the world that each single person has lost is the person who completes them.
40 days before a soul enters the body a heavenly voice comes out and calls "Jane Doe for John Doe" and a match is made. The person is then born and has to start relearning everything all over again. Having been fortunate enough to realize this early on in life, I started my journey, with a plan.
Praying to Hashem day and night with all my might and soul that he should help me find the one who belongs to me from creation.
You see everything in life has a "minyan tefilot' that needs to be completed and once it is competed Hashem will give you what you want, even if it is not good for you. We learn this from Moshe in parshat Va'etchanan where Moshe asks Hashem over and over again 515 times to enter the holy land and Hashem says to him "stop do not discus this matter with me anymore", for if Moshe would have asked one more time he would have completed the "minyan tefilot" and would have been granted permission to enter the holy land. In other words don’t ask to be with someone in particular ask that if it is "shayach" that Hashem will draw you closer to the chupa.
I was going on many different dates and meeting many different girls and with each date I learned what I wanted and what I didn’t in a partner. I took it as a learning experience and acquired different tools that I would ultimately need when meeting my future spouse. I put myself out there in a serious goal oriented manner and told my dates from the beginning what I was looking for. At times it would get frustrating and I would get discouraged but that is exactly when you have to get stronger in your emuna and pray even harder to Hashem that he should have rachmanus on your soul, and even cry to him that he should draw your spouse closer to you, and trust that hashem created you and knows exactly what you need and when to give it to you.
A friend of mine one time suggested that I try this web site called "JWed" and said that a lot of couples have had luck finding their spouse including him so I decided to give it a try.
At first I was a bit skeptical but decided it couldn’t hurt so I gave it a try. I signed up, created a profile, and started sending out messages. Day after day I would log in, check my messages, skim through profiles and would eventually go out on dates. It was fun and exciting but I didn’t really think I would end up meeting my future wife through the site.
February 10, 2005 :
One day like every other day I was logged on skimming through profiles and came up on a profile with no picture attached to it. It caught my attention because the username was BEREAL and my username was ALWAYSREAL. I dropped her a message and she wrote back. I gave her my screen name on AOL and asked if we can chat through instant messaging and she agreed. We started "chatting" and quickly exchanged pictures and phone numbers. I called her soon after and we started talking and talking and talking and the conversation lasted 6 hours. The next day the same, another 6 hour conversation, this would go on for about 1 month until we decided it was time to meet.
March 5, 2005 meeting #1 :
I made arrangements to fly to N.Y. city which was where she was from and to stay for only one day so that we can meet each other and see if we felt the same way in person as we did over the phone. We sure did. From that day I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with this girl. I arrived back in L.A. and we continued to talk for one more month before deciding we wanted to see each other once again.
Between April 5 and April 19th I flew twice to Monsey, NY to see Devorah and her family. After 5 days at her sisters place, I proposed and Mazal Tov, we got Engaged!!!!
All the time before you meet your spouse you feel like the day for you might never come, you hear all your friends are getting engaged, married, and are having children, you get more and more discouraged, your emuna gets weaker and your motivation grows tired. Then one day you wake up and your day has come as well, you log on to JWed and find yourself married with a beautifully baby girl over night. So savior the moment of being single and know that when your soulmate and you are ready for each other at the precise moment at exactly the right place Hashem will deliver your true soulmate that belongs to you from Sha'may'im and because you belong to each other and it is Sha'yach that you will live an eternal life together. It all passes so fast that you don’t even remember your wedding night.
Thank you Hashem for providing us with yet another tool to bring couples together, and thank you JWed from helping me and so many others like me find my partner in life. May all you single people out there merit to find your soulmates and build kosher homes and raise kids with Y'rat Shamay'im and have nothing but health and happiness.

Devorah and Tomer were married Rosh Hodesh Elul

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