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My sister helped find my Bashert!

Rachel & Ariel (23) from Israel

Match #: 403 & 404

Rachel's Story
I decided to use JWed.com on the recommendation of my roommate. I am normally not an internet dating person but JWed was different. It was organized and I always received a response from the JWed team when I contacted them with questions.
Making my profile was a blast for me! I took every liberty with it. I posted a proper picture of myself and then filled the other space up with hilarious pictures (like other dimensions of my personality I guess!). One picture in particular was of a cat playing an electric guitar. To match my photos I added powerful quotes and phrases that really speak to me. I received many responses but my world changed with the most unsuspecting one.

Ariel's Story
My sister, Tamar, always talks with me about dating. We have both had very troubled and frustrating experiences with dating, and dealt with our frustrations by sharing stories with each other and doing out best to help each other out.
My sister, after looking long and hard through J Date, friends and other venues happened to be looking for herself online at JWed, and she decided to check out a possible shiduch for me!
When she found Rachel's profile she knew that Rachel was suit to be my future wife. I took a look at the 6 foot, gorgeous, curly haired chick and was quite impressed with the picture!
When I looked at her profile and was pleasantly surprised by the likeness between ourselves. I found similarities to myself from her creative ideas, quotes and her flowing writing style. What was notorious to me was how she interweaved in her personal description and expectations for her Bashert. I especially like dthe fact that she considered communication to be key to a long lasting relationship.
Our Story

Because of JWed.com privacy options our profile names were pseudonyms. Ballisticmushu meets Itztaba! After a few emails we decided to meet. From the first date we both knew this needed to be forever.
The advice or tips that we wish to leave you with is, date with elephants! What we mean by that is if you really want to know someone, sitting across the table in a coffee shop just doesn't cut it. Once we knew that it was serious (third date or so) we left the classic dating scene. We milked cows, hiked all over Israel , petted camels and helped a little frog cross the road in the Golan. Even in the coffee shop we left the norm, making a battalion of soldiers out of the sugar packets and bringing our invisible pets to dates!
Our recommendation is a blue elephant and a few ducks. Dating is hard, JWed makes it easier.

Rachel and Ariel, JWed Match #202, were married on 14th Elul 5765, September 18, 2005.

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