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Almost immediately·I knew that this was the man that I wanted to marry!

Liz from South Africa & Betzalel

Match #: 175 & 176

Quite a number of years had passed since I last dated. Soon I had been on numerous blind dates as well as a friend of a friend knows someone who will be perfect for you dates' and I very quickly realised that this was not the way I wanted to go about meeting my husband.
I had heard of JWed through Ohr Samayach and deliberated for a few days as to whether to sign-up or not. The idea of using a dating agency literally had me in tears ö surely this was the last and most desperate of ways of meeting someone? I carefully re-read JWedâs company profile, mission statement and the privacy and security clauses and decided that this actually seemed the best, most practical and safest way of meeting someone that met most if not all my criteria.
Baruch Hashem within a few weeks I received the first of many letters from Betzalel on the 26th November 2003. We corresponded for 1 month before exchanging telephone number and private e-mails.


Almost immediately and in every way possible I knew that this was the man that I wanted to marry. We had so much in common and more importantly we wanted so many of the same things in a future together. We came from a similar religious background and the desire to grow spiritually was strong with both of us. Betzalel came across as the kindest, sincerest and most beautiful of people. Our Rabbiâs contacted one another only to confirm what we already knew.
Our one and only concern though was that Betzalel lived in the U.S. and I lived in South Africa. I would not allow this distance to become a stumbling block ö not now that I had met the one person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
In March 2004 I travelled to the U.S. and spent an unforgettable week with Betzalel, his extended family and community. The easiest decision for me to make, other that accepting Betzalel as a proposal of marriage, was that I will be leaving S.A. and settling in the U.S. once we marry (please G-d) on the 16th Kislev 5765. Thank you JWed and to anyone having read this, your doubts should now be a thing of the past, sign-up and look forward to an unbelievable future.

Betzalel and Liz, JWed Match #88, were married 16th Kislev 5765, 28 November 2004

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