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The second email brings success!

Neomi & Yehuda

Match #: 25 & 26

I can't remember how I came across the JWed site (it might have been through an internet search for dating sites).
Every once and a while I would look through the profiles of girls around my age (18-25) (I am 25) with a similar level of frumkite.  Pictures always helped.
I came across Neomi's profile - which did not have a picture at the time, and sent a message. However she did not respond.
A month or two later I looked on the site again with my usual search and her profile came up ö but this time with a picture! I thought she was very attractive and I remembered her profile so I sent her another message.
May 7th was my first message to her and May 9th she responded but said she was busy with finals and that we could stay in touch through email.
I said "why not" since I hadn't had any dates lately.
We emailed a few times and in the beginning of June and shortly thereafter she sent me her contact number. I called her and we went out the following day.
The date was my best 'first date' ever!
We went to the city (to My Most Favorite Desert) and then we walked around the city for most of the day. We hit it off pretty quickly and we were talking about marriage in a little less then a month later!
In August she went to visit her mother in Seattle.  I came and visited for about a week.  August 30th we were officially engaged and the planning started.
It helped a lot in that she had a picture available, and I in-turn sent her a picture in my first or second email.
We never IMd, which I think was very good because it is very hard to get a real idea of what a person is like from an IM.
What we liked about the site was that it gave us the freedom to meet someone on out terms (not a shadchan's, who doesn't always care too much about the people she is setting up, just making a shidduch).
Additionally, what me to JWed were the details in the profile, I liked knowing things like if she would cover her hair and how much and what level of tznius she kept etc.
We feel very grateful to JWed. Tizcu l'mitzvot and hatzlacha in all that you do.

Neomi and Yehuda, JWed Match #13, were married on 17th Tevet 5763, December 22nd, 2002

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