JWed in the Media

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  Superhighway to The Chuppah

  JWed Featured in London Jewish Chronicle

  Every Other Day Somebody Meets Mr. Right on JWed.com

  Searching For Your Bashert - Made Easier!

  JWed Launches 'JewishDatingThatWorks.com' Video Campaign.
A Spoof on MAC Commercials

  JWed Featured on News12 Television

  Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (frum or not-so-frum) match

  JWed's Sephardic Side

  Traditional, Reform...Flexidox? A Guide for the Perplexed Dater

  JWed Corner

  Mathmaker! Matchmaker!: News Video of JWed Married Couples

  Be a Matchmaker!

  JWed Success Story

  630 Married, VoiceIntro and Tips for Online Dating

  Make an Online Match

  How My Whole World Changed!

  Hear JWed's New Radio Advert!

  JWed Announces Expansion

  Associated Press (AP) Article on JWed Featured in Major Media

  JWed Marks 500 Married Milestone

  JWed Interviewed on 770 WABC Talk Radio

  Valentine.s Day.com

  JWed Interviewed About WeNeedAMensch.com Campaign

  Kosher Meet!

  JWed Hits 250th Marriage!

  JWed.com Extends Service

  Downloading Mr Right

  JWed Management Team in Hour Long Radio Interview on Neshama Program of JMintheAM

  Matchmaker, Matchmaker . You've Hit the 500-Couple Milestone!

  Virtual Shadchan Celebrates 500 Married Members

  JWed's Extreme Makeover?

  Already Hundreds Wed: Internet Dating Site Leads Couples To Chuppah

  Arutz7 Yishai & Malkah Fleisher Program:
500 Matched Milestone: Interview with JWed Married Couple and JWed's Dating Advisor

  Matches made in Heaven or...Online?! - 500 JWed Members Matched

  JWed Celebrates 500th Match

  The Human Spirit: Out of Sync, Jerusalem Post

  Jewish Dating Online, U.K. Simcha Guide

  Love At First Site, New York Blue Print

  From The JWed Files, American Jewish Spirit Magazine

  Nothing By Halves, London Jewish Chronicle

  'JWed At Work' Feature Article

  Finding a Kosher Catch on the World Wide Web

  Boot Up to Find Your Bashert, Waiting in the Wings

  JWed Married Couples Interviewed on Israel National Radio! (Arutz7)
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  Mazel Tov! A Match , A front page feature!
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  Logging On For Love

  Dynamic Dating Mentor Workshop

  JWed was featured by Shifra Novograd on her popular Women's Hour radio program broadcast from Baltimore.
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  Navigational Tools For Internet Dating

  JWed Offers New Third Party Facilitation Service!

  Dating Religiously


Introducing My Date to My Medical Issue
Complete Brochure


  Where Religious Singles Click

  'Ster' Crazy

  Singles flock to Israel's first matchmaking fair !

  JWed Event: Republican-Democratic Debate Theatrics!

  JWed was a special guest on Nachum Segal's Tu B'Av live radio broadcast.
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  A Site to be Seen:
JWed's Women Lead the Way

  The Long And Short (Term) Of Dating

  JWed was interviewed on the popular 'Mah Nishmah' radio show, hosted by Gavriel Aryeh Sanders.
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  100 Marriages In Just Over Two Years!

  JWed and numerous 'JWed married couples' were interviewed by radio host Adam Philips for their 'Cultural and Religious Hour.' For more info, please click here

  What Kind Of Kipa Do You Wear?
The New Orthodox Lonely Hearts

  JWed was invited by Dov Hikind, Assemblyman and popular talk show host of the 'Dov Hikind Show,' to attend a live radio panel discussion addressing the 'Orthodox Singles Dating Crisis.' Click here for picture (From left to right: Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Shaya Ostrov,(author of the well known .The Seven Gates to Marriage') Derek and Ben of JWed, Shani Stein.

  Hip Modern Orthodox ISO Same