True Love

Zvi Goldenberg from Florida & Michelle from Canada

Match #: 2579 & 2580

I was browsing online, using dating websites, and shadchanim for almost 8 years and nothing came of it. conversations were short for some others were not the right person. I had decided the standard account was not giving me access to enough people. There were people with free accounts who seemed to catch my eye. I noticed one named Michelle. I was under a category called yeshivish black hat knowing that would limit the amount of people coming onto my account. She was using a title called modern orthodox machmir. I had experiences with that profile but she seemed different. I looked over her profile more carefully and realized that sometimes people just put up a label and Michelle was no different. I decided to message Michelle knowing she would be skeptical.

After 3 days my computer buzzed with a response. Surprisingly enough we were able to get into a good conversation. After some time of e-mail and skype we decided to meet. We needed to disclose certain things as I call baggage and both of us were ready to proceed. We spent a week in Toronto seeing sights playing games and making meals and plans together. Happens to be I came in the coldest day of the year. At the end I asked her do you want to continue dating and she said . . .

Sure I can come to Miami Florida by you. She came by Purim where we spend the time making shaloch manos and travelling around giving gifts. People were asking are you engaged and we said NO just dating. Michelle went back to Canada were I met her parents over skype and we decided to get engaged in Canada.

We went to Niagra falls and I proposed to Michelle in a rose garden in the Area. We had challenges in the beginning of our marriage do to background differences but we communicated and were able to work them out. I make sure to take care of whatever Michelle needs. I love her. It is true love.